Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools

I've never been one much for April Fools. Probably because I could never think of anything good enough to trick people with. I did trick my kindergarten teacher and told her I was moving and couldn't come to her class anymore. I also remember spending the night (when I was really little) with my cousin Tonya, when she was at college, dating her soon to be hubby Bill. I told him there was a lizard in his hair and he obliged me with a good squeal. But that's about it as far as pranks in this house.

I thought about posting an ultra sound pic and tricking you all into thinking I was pregnant, but (a) my husband would think that was NOT funny, at all, and (b) Kat stole my thunder. Unless of course she's really pregnant and then the joke's on her! LOL!!

Ever fooled anyone? Been fooled? Discuss...


Lee Ann said...

Oh "sister" I have never been good at them either. I always love it when people come up with a good one though. And the ultrasound pic! Why didn't I think of that! Maybe I should email one to my mom today! Thanks for the idea!

Jennifer Jamison said...

Hmmm... probably can't get away with the ultrasound pic b/c most of my readers know i don't have a uterus!

Hannah told me that she was going to tell her teacher that she was moving to Hawaii tomorrow! hee-hee!

Miki said...


I can't believe I forgot this story until now. I am like you....not into April Fools Day that much, but there are people who really go all out.

When I was working as a lifeguard, a co-worker wanted to pull an April Fools prank on her mother. I guess their whole family tried to outdo each other every year, and this year, she was going to take the cake.

We arrived at work at 5:30 a.m. This girl wanted us to fake an emergency, an emergency involving the daughter/lifeguard and chemicals, and call her mother. I just couldn't do it! I COULDn't. It was terrible. Other people hmmmed and haaud over the ordeal, but eventually, everyone reluctantly got on board and went ahead with the prank....even me....reluctantly.

Someone called her mother and said, "Your daughter has been in a terrible accident (mind you, it's 5:50 a.m. or somewhere close to that, so you know the mom was in a complete slumber when she got the call). Your daughter has been burned seriously, and has gotten splashed with Muratic Acid and it has burned her body and face."

I KNOW!!! Isn't that terrible!! The mother (with the dad hurrying closely behing) came running through the empty rec. center with all of us lifeguards pointing the way to her daughter. When the mom saw her daughter, her completely fine daughter with rubber gloves on scrubbing the tiles of the pool deck...she was stunned, confused, and bewildered as the daughter said nervously, "April Fools". The mother...with her bed head hair, flopped down on a bench and just started bawling.

The daughter put her arm around her smiling nervously and looking shocked that her mother would be so upset. We just don't understand until we become the mommy ourselves I guess.

Doesn't that just make you so upset!!!! AT. THAT. DAUGHTER!!!! Oh my, I've never felt worse for a mother than I felt for that mother at that time. Since then, there have been other real life stories that have made me feel 10 times worse for a mommy, but this one has always taken the cake as the worst practical joke ever....

Mama Williams said...

posting story on my blog. :)

Unknown said...

Mr. B told me someone put an offer on the house we are looking at.

Not. Funny.

Deanna said...

You ALMOST fell for mine! And just to clarify, we are NOT expecting another baby to be due at the end of the year...But we'll be sure to let you and the whole world know when we are expecting...Expect that news in a few years! :) I just spent TWO hours re-arranging the boys' bedroom...ended up taking a dresser out. So, there is NO ROOM in this inn! :)

Wendy said...

Oooh. I'm still shivering after Miki's comment! (shudder) Yah -- me don't like pranks so much.

Come and visit to see how our April Fool's Day went. Hope you and yours had fun too.

CB said...

I am really not good at April Fools Day jokes but I got my husband good yesterday. hee hee
Just to add to my great week our roof started leaking in the kitchen on Tuesday. We had a big storm and water started dripping out of a light fixture - What the ....?
Anyway, My husband is out of town and I told him about it on Tuesday. But yesterday morning I couldn't resist and I texted him told him the leak got so bad that the ceiling kind of caved in and we now had this huge hole in the ceiling.
He totally bought it and it was SO FUNNY when I told him April Fool!

Needless to say he was also relieved.