Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recent Pix

Since I'm up at 4 am worrying about a leaking toilet and googling how to fix it, I decided I might as well blog. (I'm sure you'll hear more on the toilet story later! Ughhh...)

Over the 4th of July, Jarom's family got pictures taken. We also did individual family shots. Just thought I'd share a few. I know these have the copyright mark on them (they're from the proof CD), but you can still see how cute they turned out. (I was only going to put the entire family picture and my family on here, but then I decided I wanted to have a family picture of everyone on my blog and in my blurb book, so I am putting all the individual family pictures up. Think of it as being introduced to my in laws.)

The enitre family. Back row: Kevin, Becky holding Wes, Missy, Blake holding Micah, Jarom, Emily, Brandon, Ben, Kaylin holding Eli, Chris, Justin, Natalie. 2nd row: Payson, me holding Kate, Anna, Gregg, Katie holding Gabby, Amber holding Truman, Ellie. Front row: Owen, Jamis, Keagen, Carter, Sami, Alyssa, Megan, Halle, Alex holding Izzie, Annie, Ogden

Jarom's parents.

Jarom's sister Katie and family.

Jarom's little family.

Jarom's brother Justin and family.

Jarom's sister Becky and family.

Jarom's sister Melissa and family.

Jarom's brother Benjamin and family.

Jarom's sister Emily and family.

Jarom's sister Natalie.

I couldn't help putting this one of Kate up too. She actually smiled for the camera!

And a shout out to Hattie Bates for doing such a great job. That's a lot of people to work with and the pictures all turned out great.


Camille said...

Yes, they did turn out great! That picture of Halli is SO darling! It needs to be framed and displayed! Bummer about your toilet. That's probably ten times worse than being up with a baby at 4 am!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was going to comment on Kate smiling in your little family picture and ask how you got her to smile. And then I got to the bottom and saw another smiling one. Holy Cow! What was up that day? Get some more of whatever it was.

Anonymous said...

I should have said that the last picture of Kate looks like a picture that should be the 'Parents' magazine or whatever that contest is that Regis and Kelly do. All of the pictures turned out really good.

Anonymous said...

I should have proofread better. I meant for the last comment to say, "on the front of the magazine." Ok, now I'll quit.

Camille said...

Sooo cute! Do you have one with Grandma Eva in her overalls? I meant to take a picture of her wearing those before she left and I never got a chance!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

So cute and fun to see! It was fun to see you very quickly..wish we could have gotten together!

becky ward said...

not bad at all! mom's wildflower garden makes a beautiful backdrop. and that picture of kate is so stinking cute. but, all of your kids individual pictures turned out great.

sorry to hear about your toilet! NO FUN!

Miki said...

Oh these are just going to be great for your blog book, and KATE! Oh man, another photogenic child. That's a great shot of her.

I'm finally back!

The CEO said...

Sorry about your toilet--it will be interesting to hear about that one. LOVE the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Shanna

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I love getting the proofs and seeing that everyone looked as good as you thought that they did. What a beautiful family you have!!!

Jennifer P. said...

Look how sweet everyone looks! I didn't know Jarom had that many brothers and sisters! I guess I only know the ones with blogs :)!

That Kate--she and my James are going to make the most beautiful babies one day :)!!!

Emily said...

The pictures are darling! I love them all!

Josh & Joni said...

what a beautiful family!!