Thursday, August 14, 2008


It seems that summer always slips by so quickly. We didn't do half the things I imagined we'd get done and up until this week, I was feeling kind of sorry for myself that the summer was already over.

I get tired of the bed time routine, wake up routine, lunch box routine, homework routine, hair fixing routine, finding the shoe (why is there always only one?) routine, load the backpack routine, etc. The routines that come with going to school. I enjoy having my babies home and hearing them play and laugh. I REALLY enjoy the older girls being able to pour a bowl of cereal for the little kids while I sleep in. So, back-to-school time is bitter sweet for me.

But like I said, this past week has made me not quite so sad. It seems like there is a natural progression to the waning summer. And by the end, my kids are like a pack of wild hyenas. They fight and bicker and cry about EVERYTHING lately. They're bored. It's time for school to start. It must be the Lord's way of helping me deal with sending them back and gearing up for "routine" time.

Here's a little taste of how our home has been running lately. Yesterday Halle walked in and said, "Uh Mom? We played with each other today. Aren't you going to give us a congratulations?" LOL!!! Yep, congratulations honey, you've (insert ALL of you) made mom WANT you to go back to school.

Am I bad mom???!! :)


Dawnyel said...

Back to school is officially my NEW favorite time of year! (And I only have ONE kid in school!)

Jennifer P. said...

I'm still sad that mine are gone. They remember me in their prayers: "help mom to not be lonely while we're gone..." Very sweet. But it honestly has been nice to give some extra time and attention to Liam and James. And they still take naps--giving me a whole 2 hours where no one needs fed, taught, or entertained :)!

You're most certainly not a bad mom!

Deanna said...

That Congratulations is hilarious! Awww - I think you're a great mom!

becky ward said...

oh halle...congratulations! what a crack-up!

Mama Williams said...

Is that a trick question? Obviously you're a great Mom and completely normal! (but that's coming from me) LOL!

I'm feeling so ready for school here at our house...bickering, bored, ugh!

I'm excited for school to start, but it comes with mixed feelings because we love our kids so much!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

NO! Absolutely Not. I know you keep "congratulating" me for homeschooling - but it's just the one. The other I am soooo thrilled that she is back in school. It is the happiest time of year :-)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh...and we do that one shoe thing too. I have several half pairs. Maybe we can match them up with yours :-)