Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

Here are the kids' new Halloween shirts for the year. New shirts for this month is a tradition for us, just like new shirts for the Fourth of July. What a great excuse to buy new clothes! (And yes, we are out to eat AGAIN!) Alyssa was in school so we didn't get a picture of her new shirt. It's black with little dogs dressed up like a devil and an angel.

Is this not the CUTEST little skull and cross bones you've ever seen!! I just couldn't resist buying it when I saw it. Kate actually has another Halloween shirt, but this one just couldn't be passed up.

Not as cute of a picture of Kate, but shows her shirt a little better.

Halle's pumpkin shirt. She went on her first field trip today to the pumpkin patch, where she "picked the perfect pumpkin", so she says.

Carter wearing his "spooky shirt" as he puts it.


LouandAngela said...

Fun tradition! The shirts are cute, but the kids are even cuter!! I think Kate and Emma would have a blast together--they're so close to the same stage. I even think they look somewhat alike, but that's probably just the age and the little chunky bodies!

Elise said...

Your kids say such cute things-- "picked the perfect pumpkin" and "spooky shirt"-- I can't help but grin when I read that. What a cute tradition, too! Your post made me start humming, too, and I realized it's almost time to pull out "Nightmare Before Christmas!" (We watch it on Halloween)