Sunday, October 08, 2006

Game time!

All the boys, except Justin, went to the BYU football game. They sat in 3 different areas, some with better views than others...Blake..., but they had a great time regardless. I think even Gregg enjoyed himself.

Sami, Chris's guest, and Alyssa enjoying cousin bonding in the stadium. (I don't know why this picture is so small.)

Alyssa got to be the lucky guest to join Jarom this past Saturday at the BYU game. BYU won BIG TIME beating San Diego State by about 30 points. (As you can tell, I really don't pay attention to the details. If they win or lose is the important fact to me.)


LouandAngela said...

Cute picture of Jarom & Alyssa!

becky ward said...

Way cute picture of jarom and Alyssa! What a great dad!