Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Carving Pumpkins!

What's Halloween without a few Jack-O-Lanterns?! We had a fun time Monday night with our Halloween-themed family home evening. It all started with a regular dinner of fried chicken which Alyssa turned into a very spooky buffet served out of caldrons. She was so cute, she put the serving bowls into several different plastic caldrons and set them on the table. I think she has a little of her Grandma Anna in her! We then carved pumpkins and followed it all up with rice pudding, we called it Ghost Boogies. Jarom loved the rice pudding in Costa Rica so he brought me home a recipe book and we all tasted it. Who wouldn't love something with an entire can of sweetened condensed milk in it?

Carter didn't enjoy carving as much as the girls. He's in a real whiney stage lately and he kept saying, "What's that stinky smell? I don't want to smell a poopy pumpkin." He's still cute as a bug though and we love him.

Halle chose the traditional friendly pumpkin.

Alyssa opted for a 3-headed/faced monster pumpkin. (You can't see the 3rd face.)


Anonymous said...

Jarom could be saying,"Who wants Ice Cream?"!!!

becky ward said...

Carter cracks me up! The pumpkins turned out great, but aren't you glad you only have to carve them once a year!

LouandAngela said...

Great carvings!! I love Carter's expression! What a ham! Yes, I'm glad that we only have to do this once a year!