Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Bunny Love

It's been all about the bunnies around here the last few days. We are having so much fun with them.

I didn't get the bunnies just so they could be locked in a hutch in the backyard. I fully intend for them to be loved and hauled around and played with on a regular basis. However, Idaho hasn't decided that Spring is here to stay yet. So that means rain, wind, snow, sleet, and hail are a regular occurrence, thus....too cold to play outside with the bunnies. So we got out the old Thanksgiving plastic table cloth to protect the carpets from you know whats, and let the bunnies come inside for short amounts of time.

All the bunnies seem to be doing well and are visibly growing each day, except for sweet little Clover. She's just not growing like the others. She seems healthy, but we decided to supplement her with a little kitten formula. She LOVES it and Alyssa LOVES to feed her. It really is quite adorable. If we don't notice a visible change in the next day or two, we may have to take Clover back to live with her mom for a few more days.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. The sun came out to play and so did our bicycles. We removed Kate's training wheels (something that probably should have happened last year, but oh well.) and away she went. No problems whatsoever!

I love this picture of Carter helping her. So sweet.

Easter Morning we woke to a fabulous surprise. Four little bunnies; one for each kid so we don't fight. (We tried our best to get all females, but rabbits are difficult to sex. Everyone pray that we don't get babies in the next few weeks.)

The kids were SOOOOO excited. They've been begging for a bunny for 2 years now. So we decided to break down and let them have some. They were hilarious when they figured out we got more than one bunny. And they were out of control when they figured out they EACH got a bunny! It was so fun.

Alyssa and Cookie or it might be Clover, she's kind of been trying out both names.

Kate and Thumper. She called it Thin Mint for a little while, but is pretty insistent on Thumper, so Thumper it is.

Halle and Fluffer Nutter. Oh Halle is SO in love!

Carter and Nacho. Nacho is the most active and curious of the bunch. Carter says, "I got the squirt one." But he still adores her.

It was so cute to see Kate and Thumper under the umbrella.

The Umbrellas became a bunny pen for most of the afternoon.

It was beautiful weekend and a wonderful way to celebrate new life and remember our Saviour's Resurrection.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In preschool a few weeks ago, Kate learned about traffic laws. Ever since, she's been fascinated with anything about the law.
"Mom, is it iwegal to drop toys in the street?"
"Mom, is it iwegal to smoke?"
"Mom, is it iwegal to say the abc's wrong?"
"What happens when you go to jail?"
So we've been talking about what is illegal, what is just naughty, what is an accident, what is not keeping a commandment, etc. It's a lot for a little one to take in. It makes explaining black or white seem impossible.

We have a neighbor kid who has had his fair share of troubles and has been in and out of the juvenile detention center a few times. He fascinates and terrifies my children and they always have questions about him.

Today we were talking about jail (for the umpteenth time) and I told her "jail is like time out for grown ups". So she asked me if the neighbor kid had been in jail. I told her that he isn't a grown up yet so he went to a special place for teenagers that have done naughty things. She said, "Oh....he went to Judy." (Apparently she's heard the term "juvy" around here before.) Then she said, "But Mom, do the naughty kids REALLY have to go to Judy's house?" (Judy is our piano teacher. LOL!)

This then lead to the discussion of what and where "juvy" really is. I explained that our Uncle Blake works with kids who've been to juvy and how he helps them try to get better. So than she concludes our conversation with this, "Oh.....so I won't be scared if I go to juvy because Uncle Blake is really nice." LOLLL!!! Glad we got that cleared up.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Amelia is here!

Is there anything better than a brand new baby in the spring?! Okay, really is there anything better than a brand new baby period? Welcome to our newest niece, sweet little Amelia (Mia). (Thanks for picture Becky.) Congratulations to Justin and Amber!!! What a little cutie she is! This adorable, tiny peanut (6lbs 6oz) is the STRONGEST, wiggliest, most alert baby I've seen. While I was holding her, she would hear her mom or dad talk and turn her head to find them. It was so adorable. I swear, she can practically sit up already. I think she'll certainly be able to hold her own as child number 5 in her family!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring Break

This is what spring break looks like in Idaho Falls. Grey, snowy, and dreary. But we managed to find some bright spots and have some fun. Natalie and Cameron made a visit. We all got a kick out of Cameron showing us his muscles. My girls still think/want Cameron to be a tiny baby and insisted on packing him around. He didn't love it so much. He thinks he's a big kid now. Uncle Bryon got what he deserved.... from the Blue Monster, created by the GIANT blue jaw breaker Uncle Bryon gave her. We drove Aunt Natalie back to Ogden where she was helping her mom recover from heart surgery, and decided to pay a visit to the Ogden Treehouse Museum. We milked a cow. Rode a stallion. Warmed ourselves by the Indian fire. Played a good game of GIANT chess. Were the stars of our very own play. And we all took a turn being President for the day. We played hard over Spring Break. So hard, that we fell sound asleep with all our treasures from the day still in hand. AND... the Weinermobile came to town. I saw it with my very own eyes too. :)