Friday, April 15, 2011

Amelia is here!

Is there anything better than a brand new baby in the spring?! Okay, really is there anything better than a brand new baby period? Welcome to our newest niece, sweet little Amelia (Mia). (Thanks for picture Becky.) Congratulations to Justin and Amber!!! What a little cutie she is! This adorable, tiny peanut (6lbs 6oz) is the STRONGEST, wiggliest, most alert baby I've seen. While I was holding her, she would hear her mom or dad talk and turn her head to find them. It was so adorable. I swear, she can practically sit up already. I think she'll certainly be able to hold her own as child number 5 in her family!


Unknown said...

I'm jealous. All the pregnant people I know live thousands of miles from me. I want to hold a baby So badly!!!

becky ward said...

she was just the opposite for me! bummer! i guess i went too soon. (;

Elise said...

Yay for cute babies!! She is precious!