Monday, July 16, 2007

It's official, we're potty training.

Kate has been potty training for the last week. She is doing SO good. She doesn't tell me every time she needs to go, but she will go every time I sit her on the toilet. I have ventured to the library and Wal-mart and she has stayed dry both times. I have found that this little swimsuit seems to help her for some reason. Maybe it's becuase it's really a 4T and she is 20 months?? She must like the airy feeling. I say, "Whatever works!"

Today was Kate's first official day wearing panties and staying dry all day. Well, almost, she had one little accident about 15 minutes ago (it is 10 pm, so I say it is still a victory). Anyway, after I took her wet clothes off, I just let her run naked for a minute so I could find some pj's and put her to bed. But, she had found a pair of Carter's Nascar undies and insisted on wearing them. So I had to click a picture. It was too funny. She is the underwear theif around here. She raids Alyssa and Halle's drawer and comes out wearing size 7 panties with the leg around her waist. I decided it was time to break down and get her her own and bought some cute little My Little Ponies and then just some plain bright colored ones. She prefers the plain ones. Maybe I just should let her wear Carter's hand me downs. :)

p.s. She had just had a chocolate ice cream sundae so that's why her face looks like she is an abandoned child.


becky ward said...

You go girl! I keep thinking I need to start Owen (the whole itchy diaper thing). I will have to get some tips from you.
PS She looks so cute in boy undies! (;

Anonymous said...

Nice work! What are you going to do with all your diaper money now? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! The kid cracks me up.

Elise said...

Holy COW!! I can't believe Kate is potty training already!!! I have to console myself with the fact that girls usually get the hang of it before boys... my boy is definitely not ready. But oh, to be out of diapers! It's like a dream come true!!