Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Little Squirts

If you are around us for any amount of time you will undoubtedly see Carter naked. It is the trial of our lives to keep this kid in clothes. My poor neighbors! If he isn't a squirt I don't know what one is.

Kate has discovered the treasures in the laundry room, (the dog dishes). If she sees the door open at all she makes a mad dash to get in there and dump the dog food and water all over the floor. She also loves garbage cans. she is definately a little squirt, but just look at that darling little face. Who could EVER be mad at her?!


LouandAngela said...

Oh, I feel ya' Elena. We had the same problem with Damian. In fact, I have a pretty funny picture of Damian asleep (flat on his back) on the floor naked (but for the tennis shoes he was wearing)! Thanks to digital editing, I am able to keep that picture! :) But, we didn't have too much problem with him out in public. It was just every time he was in his room, he'd strip everything off.

LouandAngela said...

I can't believe Kate is so mobile! Ugghh! I don't want Emma to grow up! I love this stage--it's so easy! Oh and I remember the boys loving the garbage cans too.

Anonymous said...

Kate is so cute and is growing up she is the little indian baby and wont be the baby for too long she will be walking before gabby