Friday, July 21, 2006

4 kids and an 8 month old

I got the kids pictures taken yesterday. By the time we were done I was sweating like I had just worked out. Getting all of them to look at the camera, smile, sit still, not cry, all at the same time was a lot of work. This was the best we could get.

Kate's 8 month pictures. She was pretty scared of the guy taking the photos, but warmed up to him a little bit in the end. Enough that she smiled for a couple of shots.


The Hollingsworth's said...

It's a gorgeous picture. I cannot believe how grown up they all are. Alyssa is looking very pre-teenagerish to me; Halle looks like an little angel(the masks they can wear eh?); Carter looks like a little man; and your baby is not a baby anymore.... She is growing up!
You did good!
Love, Katie

becky ward said...

I love the barefeet. And of course Kate looks gorgeous in that pink dress and black background. Nice job.

LouandAngela said...

What great shots! I'm WAY impressed that everybody looked pleasant. I'm always amazed when you can get everybody looking good. It gets harder with each new member of the family.