Thursday, October 06, 2011

First Snow of the Season

Judging from the color of the sunlight filtering through my blinds when I woke up this morning, I just knew it was going to be a snow day. Sure enough, about an hour later, the snow started falling.
Here's the view from my bedroom window. And although it is pretty and peaceful, I am NOT ready for winter. I'm just not. I don't want to give up the warm days and cold nights quite yet. I'm not ready for the trees to be naked. And I'm not ready for the kids to have to be holed up in the house for the next 6 months. But ready or not, I guess it's on its way.

The kids have an extra long weekend this weekend. So what do they decided to do with their time off? Play school of course.

They crack me up! They've got all the neighbor kids involved, and it seems like they are having a ball. What better way to spend a snowy day than inside, nice and warm, working on math problems and literature studies?

The principal and vice principal. Looks like the principal knows how to take a break.

The teachers. Jennie, be sure to blow this picture up and check out Harrison in the background. Totally made me laugh.

And the students. Cute kids, all of them. I'm so glad my kids have good friends close by to play with.


Lee Ann said...

looks like they're having fun! And no, I wouldn't be ready for snow either!!!

Our Family said...

Wow! Snow already! It's freezing here in Boise and I am not ready for it either. But it looks like the kids don't mind too much. :)

CB said...

OH MAN I heard about the snow day there. It is seriously way too early - hopefully it will melt and you still get a few fall days!!

Your kids look like they are having a blast though.

Mama Williams said...

Same here! Not to mention all the fun of digging out clothes that fit and boots, coats, shopping, trying on clothes, whining & complaining and the bill. Fun! Fun! (did you catch my sarcastic tone?)Oh! Don't you just love the stinky smell of turning on the furnace for the 1st time too? :) I'm looking forward to 70 degrees coming back next week. Tonight I'm enjoying my cocoa. :)

Deanna said...

too funny! Alyssa and I were just talking about 'playing school' last week. LOL!

Shannon said...

What?! SNOW already?! It's been in the low 80s this past week here. Snow in October is just too bizarre for me to fathom!