Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cougars and Utes

It's BYU football season again! Jarom and Ben have been having a "ball" watching the games on the HUGE screen projector (which business partner Jeffrey is letting us borrow). Can you even see Jarom is this picture above? He's there, I promise.

Just in case you didn't spot him, here he is. The screen is big, so big it sort of makes me motion sick, but the boys love it.

We decided to allow a few Utes fans into the house for the big BYU/U of U rivalry game. wasn't pretty for us BYU fans. HORRIBLE to say the least. We took a beating that just would NOT end. And b/c of that beating, Jarom lost a bet and had to wear a red Utes tie to church the next day. NEVER thought I'd see that. (He allowed exactly ZERO pictures.) But, on a better note, our party was fun.
We had appropriately colored treats, attire, and even the poor dogs got roped into the competition. Thanks to the Englemans, Rushs, and Ben and Kaylin for coming over. It was a great time, but Jarom says having Utes in his house won't happen again any time soon. LOL! (We'll just have to party together on a NON-BYU night.)


Our Family said...

You guys are so festive! :D I love that you watched the game on the projector, talk about front row seats!!