Monday, January 10, 2011

Jack's Innocence

Alyssa had a class assignment to prove that Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk, was innocent when he stole from the giant. Her arguments were (and she came up with all of this on her own):
1)Jack was justified b/c the giant killed his father and stole Jack's wealth, therefore Jack was just taking back was rightfully his.

2) Jack was saving mankind from a cannibalistic murderer who enjoyed grinding the bones of boys and eating them.

and point 3) Jack may have been smart academically, but he was still young and his brain hadn't matured enough to know right from wrong. After all....teenagers do stupid things. LOL!

She had to come up with some evidence, so Kate and Carter become Exhibit C.
Kate is the mother and Carter is the smart, but YOUNG Jack who played ball in the house and ruined the furniture.

Here is poor Jack being scolded by his mother.

I'm not sure who cracks me up most here, the contriver of the evidence, or the actors who portrayed it so well.


Shannon said...

Kids and their imaginations! ;)

Sherrie said...

Too cute! You can use that on her when she's a teenager. So great to have it in print.

Lee Ann said...

She's certainly creative!!!!

Trish said...

I miss your blogginess. I've had your blog open on my computer today so that I could listen to your playlist in the background of my day. :)